5 Amazing Facts You Ought to Know About Langkawi

Have you ever been to Langkawi? Not yet? So, Langkawi is a really fantastic and beautiful place. This is probably the most romantic Malaysian Island, and also a very famous tourist destination enlaced by lots of legends. 

So, if one day you decide to visit Langkawi, the following facts about this unique island can be very interesting and useful for you.

1. The weather on Langkawi is excellent the whole year round

As Langkawi is located not far from the equator, the weather on the island is warm during the whole year. And the average temperature is usually +28…+32°C. 

So, if you decided to set off to Langkawi, you can do it at any time of the year, which is convenient for you.

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In addition, there are some rules when choosing the time for your trip:

- If you like to spend much time on the beach, the best period for you is from December till March. During these months the sun is not very active, and the air temperature is suitable for sunbathing.

- If diving and fishing are your most favorite activities, the periods from March till May and from September till October are the best time for your vacation. It’s because lots of marine inhabitants appear around Langkawi exactly during these months.

- If you don’t like the scorching heat and want to devote your weekend to sightseeing, choose any convenient time between May and September. At these months extremely “short-time” tropical showers cover Langkawi, but they also help to stabilize the air temperature to a comfortable level.

2. Langkawi almost hasn’t been touched by the civilization

Without a doubt, the nature of Langkawi is amazingly beautiful, and that’s why in 2007 under the auspices of UNESCO the island became a geographical park. 

Langkawi is full of pristine landscapes presented by the amazing mountains covered with mangrove forests, mysterious caves decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, gorgeous waterfalls, and charming coast of the Andaman Sea.

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The island has become a refuge and a home for lots of rare species of animals: red deer, hornbills, monkeys and more than 300 species of butterflies.

Of course, the nature of the Langkawi Island also hits with its rich flora. White bougainvillea, blue hyacinths, fire hibiscus and thousands of orchids decorate the whole island. 

Mangroves – the next unique feature of Langkawi. Mangrove forests are extremely important component in the ecosystem of the island. There you can also find crocodiles, eagles, lizards, and even sea fish.

The best spot on the island to admire this unique beauty is located not far from the Oriental Village – it’s well-known Langkawi Cable Car, which can get you to the observation platform. From the height of 715 meters you’ll be able to enjoy the fascinating sceneries of Langkawi and the other neighboring islands.

3. Langkawi is a homeland of the world’s best beaches

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There’s a great number of beaches on Langkawi suitable to any tastes: some of them are more secluded and quiet, the others are noisy and quite crowded. The best of them are situated along the south coast of the island:

- Cenang - is a 2-kilometers-long beach with white and soft sand. It’s located in the southwestern part of Langkawi and provides perfect conditions for snorkeling. By the way, the sea is usually calm and the water is always clear there, so you can also enjoy diving at this beach.

- Pantai Kok. This is a fascinating bay surrounded by jungle and limestone cliffs, and at the same time - a cozy beach for those who want just to relax. From this place you can also easily take a boat trip to explore the other small islands of the Langkawi Archipelago lying near the coast.

- Tengah Beach - the most romantic beach on the Langkawi Island and a perfect spot for sunbathing and swimming. Lots of newlyweds chose Tengah Beach to relax during their honeymoon. There are several luxury hotels and quiet restaurants there. The beach is located near the famous and busy Cenang.

4. There’s absolutely no public transport on Langkawi!

Well, we know how strange it may seem at first, but it’s true. You won’t find any buses, metro or trains on Langkawi, but, if seriously, this is a great benefit of the island - there are no huge crowds of tourists here.

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"And how can I move around the island?!" – you can object. No problem! You can get a rental car/bike and travel anywhere you want. Cheap rental cars are available right at Langkawi Airport. Moreover, you can easily make a booking 2-4 weeks before your trip at Langkawi Airport and select any vehicle you like. 

And don't worry about the roads – their quality is excellent, and the road network covers absolutely all the major sights of Langkawi.

5. Langkawi is famous for its unique underwater life

Langkawi is a real paradise for divers or just for those who love to explore different sea creatures.

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The best diving opportunities you can get in the Pulau Payar Marine Park. This is an extraordinary coral reserve, located to the south of the langkawi Island. The water in the marine park is unusually clear and transparent. At the Pulau Payar you will be able to feed the young sharks, enjoy amazing underwater world and admire beautiful coral gardens of the Andaman Sea.

But if diving is not for you, Langkawi can offer another way to discover incredible marine life of the sea. This is a local aquarium called the “Underwater World”. It keeps more than 4 thousand marine inhabitants and has a huge 16-meter-long underwater tunnel, where you can walk and enjoy the underwater exposition through the transparent glass. The “Underwater World” of Langkawi is located near the Cenang Beach.

Hope these unusual facts have helped you to find out more about the incredible Langkawi Island, and if necessary, you can use them during you trip.

Author Bio:Lily Berns is a travel writer whose number one vacation choice is a beach vacation. She has visited several locations and islands in the world, and Langkawi is by far her favorite.