5 Instagram-worthy Spots and Scenes of Mumbai

More often than not, we become so settled in our routine lives that travelling takes a back seat. Time is something that none of us have, apparently. It is of utmost importance to escape the rut of our day-to-day lives and travel is something that makes the possibility of self-exploration a reality. Through an expedition to another city, another town, we often take a journey into ourselves, face our fears, listen to our laughter, explore our self worth and give wings to our hopes. Travel also expands our outlook of the world around us, the society we live in and encourages  one’s own perspective. Through travel, we learn of other cultures, traditions, food habits, meet new people, make more acquaintances and friends along the way. Of course, there is the enthrallment of exploring monumental marvels, catching a few mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets, embarking on long rides to unknown places and adventures that are just around the corner.

Simultaneous with travel, in this day and age, is ‘’instragramming’’ our vacation pictures. Inducing envy among others while getting their likes on our holiday snaps has become the norm of the day. If nothing, Instagram is the modern day version of a journal we kept as kids, only visual and much more vibrant.

Travelling to Mumbai is easy with daily connectivity to the city by air. Visit any well-established travel website to book yourself cheapest air tickets to Mumbai. The Maximum City of India, presents many visual wonders to nature lovers. Following are some fascinating places that will leave an undeniable impression on our minds and gives us perfect pictures to show off to the world.

Marine Drive

Agreed, it is the most popular destination of Mumbai, but there is a reason behind it. Visit this place to catch and capture the best sunset vista of the city.

Dadar Phool Market

Visit the market early in the morning to enshroud yourself in fascinating fragrances and to snap the dew-dripped flowers in their full bloom.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Catch the buzz of the busy and bustling  CST Station with your camera. Built in Victorian architectural style, it stands as a symbol of modernity in the middle of the city. Best thing is, the structure is photograph-ready at all times, morning or night.

Haji Ali Dargah

Built in Indo-islamic style of architecture, the dargah is of much religious and spiritual significance. Located on an islet near the Worli Coast, this is one place with enchanting views all around and so, just one picture won’t do. Be visually stimulated by a perfect sunset view against the backdrop of this grand structure. Click away!

The Bandstand Promenade

The Bandra-Worli sealink, known more famously as the Bandstand Promenade, presents photographers with illuminating views of the sea and the sky, especially at the sunset and the twilight hour. But it is at nightfall that this place is in its best attire, so keep clicking until you stumble upon that perfect picture.