7 Amazing Eco Friendly Travel Destinations in India for Nature Lovers

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India is a land of varied geographical compositions. It has some of the best destinations for those who wish to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. The topography of India is endowed with abundant flora and fauna with its fair share of some of the endangered and rare species. Today India has some of the most eco-friendly travel destinations for nature lovers.


  • Found on western coast of Indian Peninsula, it has numerous eco parks with wildlife and sanctuaries. The area has dense forests ranging from evergreen to deciduous. Here nature lovers can savor trekking experiences through the parks.
  • It prides itself of magnificent beauty and is adorned with crowning beaches. Animals and birds form part of fascinating nature such as giant spiders, butterflies, wild asparagus, wild orchids, bison and numerous birds.


  • This is another place nature lovers are bound to find utterly fascinating. Located in the southern tip of India, it the country's tropical paradise and has some of the richest biodiversity in the world.
  • It's forested with rich evergreen vegetation together with flowering plants, amphibians, and small mammals.
  • The place accommodates rare birds, reptiles, insects, animals, and plants such as the endangered Nilgir tahr, atlas moth, lion-tails macaque and Travancore evening brown. Here the Neelakurinji known to blossom once in 12 years is found.


  • The "Abode of Snow" as it's referred stretches from North India to north east. It's blessed with lush green vegetation on the slopes, snow covered tops, beautiful lakes, rivers, and valleys covering the land below.
  • The Himalayas offer salubrious climate, natural charming beauty and awesome flora and fauna. Here rare medicinal herbs grow.
  • Nature lovers can enjoy adventure sport, camping, skiing, trekking, and mountaineering. During such undertaking they will come across rare species of birds and animals.


  • Located in eastern Himalayas, Sikkim has a combination of tropical, alpine and temperature climates. Referred to as "Heaven" by the locals it has bewitching beauty.
  • Rivers and mountain slopes provide nature lovers with adventure opportunities like trekking, river rafting and hiking. For nature lovers this is one place worth visiting.

Chandigarh city:

  • Indian city of Chandigarh is one of the eco-friendly places nature lovers can visit. Located near the Shivalik Range of Himalayas, it is the cleanest and best planned city in India.
  • Rock garden, Rose garden, Suhana Lake together with its ever green eco-friendly environment makes it a worth destination for nature lovers.


  • The Orange city is another popular eco-friendly destination. It has many natural and man-made lakes.
  • Green trees along clean roads and parks around it are its main attractions. The city also has 3 wildlife sanctuaries which are home to the Royal Bengal Tiger among other wild animals.


  • It prides itself with 33 lakes surrounding the city. One of the lakes is the oldest man-made lake in India.
  • The "city of lakes" also has the Van Vihar National Park. The city is also surrounded by hills and lush green trees.

Indian eco-friendly potential makes it one of the most popular destinations for nature lovers. Breath-taking scenes, natural forests, rare species of plant and animals form part of the compelling reason for nature lovers to grab an Esta and find their way there.


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Yes, indeed. New Delhi's suburbs, too, constitute yet another eco-friendly travel destination for nature lovers. There's an eco-friendly guide who organizes eco-friendly tours in the neighbourhood from an eco-friendly homestay south-west of Delhi, not far from New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport and Delhi-Jaipur Highway. Ideal for nature-lovers arriving in Delhi by air, bus or train. Pick-ups can be arranged from Delhi airport, Delhi Cantt and Gurgaon railway stations, IFFCO Chowk metro station and bus stop. More details to be found on the following links: 






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As for Himachal, which you've no doubt included under 'Himalayas', information on slow travel/trekking/walking tours can be found on the following link:


Himachal government has, in fact, taken initiatives to make the state eco-friendly by banning use of plastic bags and the burning of plastic etc.

India actually has loads to offer by way of eco-friendly places for nature-lovers. You need a knowledgeable guide to help you explore them.