March 13, 2007
Well I finally have a minute to recap my experiences over the last month or so. 
I left the farm to go to a going away party in Chiang Mai. It was sad to leave these kids too, but at least I already said goodbye so it wasn’t as intense. We watched the kids dance and everyone sang and had a great time. We played a few games and had lots of good food.


Truly a time of celebration. First it was Hadar’s birthday and we had a party complete with pizza and chocolate cake (and rice and soy milk and veggie stir fry. Hey we are still in Thailand). Then it was valentines day and we did a poetry reading. I am still a little to shy to read in front of everyone and I haven’t written a poem since high school but I feel more able to do so now. Maybe next time I will have a poem I have written.

To the Farm

So Goodbyes said and things packed I decided to go to the farm that night. No need to draw this out any further. Alicia drove me over and I was well received. Sunday night is potluck night so I thought that would be a great time to show up. Wrong. I was in such a crazy mood having just left the kids I was on a completely different wavelength than everyone else. Oh well I just tried to blend in. Then Shahar said he was going to lead an impromptu theater session. Great I am so shy with impromptu stuff I wasn’t going to go.

Leaving the School

February 17, 2007

Quit School

February 6, 2007

Back Home

February 5, 2007
Wow what a crazy whirlwind trip I had.  In a way I am happy to be home and in a way I am going crazy.  I have decided I can’t stand my job.  This is very unfortunate because I love the kids and the whole staff minus Dick and his crazy ideas and dictatorship management style.  Basically I need to tell him exactly how I feel and then leave.  This is the type of confrontation I dread so I am kind of avoiding it for the moment. 

Trip Back

When we left we went to a nice hotel in Ranong.  It was 350B ($10) and had hot water.  I was so exited to take a shower.  It has been 11 days since my last real shower.  I have been swimming in the sea and rinsing with fresh water.  Of course there was the mud bath which did cleanse quite a bit but when mud is the closest you have come to soap in 11 days, a hot shower is ecstasy.  I felt like a princess, we had our laundry done at the hotel and had a nice dinner too. 

Island Adventures

January 23, 2007
When Steve (Kiwi friend/ travel partner) and I finally left the gathering it was dark.  We tried to hitchhike for a few minutes but it wasn’t working.  Luckily the shop owner let us set up a tent in his back yard.  In the morning we were going to try again but a group of rainbows were getting a truck to Ranong.  And they were going to an island: Ko Panyam.  Cool all we wanted was an island.  So we tagged along.

A birth

The next day I was in my rainbow grove.

Moterbike Ride

One day I needed to check my email so I hiked out and took a motorbike to Minros (or the Main Road).  On the way there I gave a sister a ride as three can fit on a motorbike, easy.  On the way back the driver pulled over and offered to let me drive.  Sure this could be fun.  I was scared to go too fast so I am sure I was crawling, but we made it safe.  When we got off I put out my hand and said “hah sip bhat” which means 50 bhat, the price of the ride.  Wow I had the other