To the Farm

So Goodbyes said and things packed I decided to go to the farm that night. No need to draw this out any further. Alicia drove me over and I was well received. Sunday night is potluck night so I thought that would be a great time to show up. Wrong. I was in such a crazy mood having just left the kids I was on a completely different wavelength than everyone else. Oh well I just tried to blend in. Then Shahar said he was going to lead an impromptu theater session. Great I am so shy with impromptu stuff I wasn’t going to go.

Leaving the School

February 17, 2007

Quit School

February 6, 2007

Back Home

February 5, 2007
Wow what a crazy whirlwind trip I had.  In a way I am happy to be home and in a way I am going crazy.  I have decided I can’t stand my job.  This is very unfortunate because I love the kids and the whole staff minus Dick and his crazy ideas and dictatorship management style.  Basically I need to tell him exactly how I feel and then leave.  This is the type of confrontation I dread so I am kind of avoiding it for the moment. 

Trip Back

When we left we went to a nice hotel in Ranong.  It was 350B ($10) and had hot water.  I was so exited to take a shower.  It has been 11 days since my last real shower.  I have been swimming in the sea and rinsing with fresh water.  Of course there was the mud bath which did cleanse quite a bit but when mud is the closest you have come to soap in 11 days, a hot shower is ecstasy.  I felt like a princess, we had our laundry done at the hotel and had a nice dinner too. 

Island Adventures

January 23, 2007
When Steve (Kiwi friend/ travel partner) and I finally left the gathering it was dark.  We tried to hitchhike for a few minutes but it wasn’t working.  Luckily the shop owner let us set up a tent in his back yard.  In the morning we were going to try again but a group of rainbows were getting a truck to Ranong.  And they were going to an island: Ko Panyam.  Cool all we wanted was an island.  So we tagged along.

A birth

The next day I was in my rainbow grove.

Moterbike Ride

One day I needed to check my email so I hiked out and took a motorbike to Minros (or the Main Road).  On the way there I gave a sister a ride as three can fit on a motorbike, easy.  On the way back the driver pulled over and offered to let me drive.  Sure this could be fun.  I was scared to go too fast so I am sure I was crawling, but we made it safe.  When we got off I put out my hand and said “hah sip bhat” which means 50 bhat, the price of the ride.  Wow I had the other

Mud Party

One morning I walked to the beach and saw a big mud party.  Rainbow spa!  Everyone was covered head to toe with cleansing mud.  It looked like a lot of fun and I hoped to join so I stripped down to my bathing suit (being in a Muslim area there was a lot of naked/ clothed conflicts, out of respect for the community we agreed not to be naked.) I walked up asking if there was any mud left.  Then I heard “FIRST TIME MUD” and five people started smearing me with mud.  I guess so.


The tide!  Wow I have never lived with the tide before.  The closest I have been is visiting relatives in Ventura CA.  Yes I have seen the water higher at times and called that high tide but this was intense.  When the tide is low the hike to and from the gathering is easy, mostly sand and a few smooth rocks.  At high tide you basically have to scale the few rocks still visible.  It is safer to travel to/from the gathering at low tide but the supply boats can only come at high tide.