Mud Party

One morning I walked to the beach and saw a big mud party.  Rainbow spa!  Everyone was covered head to toe with cleansing mud.  It looked like a lot of fun and I hoped to join so I stripped down to my bathing suit (being in a Muslim area there was a lot of naked/ clothed conflicts, out of respect for the community we agreed not to be naked.) I walked up asking if there was any mud left.  Then I heard “FIRST TIME MUD” and five people started smearing me with mud.  I guess so.


The tide!  Wow I have never lived with the tide before.  The closest I have been is visiting relatives in Ventura CA.  Yes I have seen the water higher at times and called that high tide but this was intense.  When the tide is low the hike to and from the gathering is easy, mostly sand and a few smooth rocks.  At high tide you basically have to scale the few rocks still visible.  It is safer to travel to/from the gathering at low tide but the supply boats can only come at high tide.

At the Rainbow Gathering

January 18
The first day or two at the gathering I was sort of hermitish.  I set up my hammock and spent a lot of time there.  I needed a lot of naps to recover.  This was a very new gathering for me.  My first international gathering and the first gathering I didn’t know anyone.  Once rested, I met a lot of people and jumped into helping in the kitchen. 

Trail Head

Finally I am at the trail head!  And of course this journey wouldn’t be complete without… High tide.  I have heard it was dangerous to cross at high tide but I decided to hike as far as I could and stop where it was impassible.  There was one spot where I threw my mosquito net down and used a rope to climb down the rock.  Oh my gosh this is it, this is the beach I am at the gathering!!!  I walked up the beach and saw some kind folks sitting on a blanket so I dropped all my bags and collaps

Danger Zone?

So I took the taxi to the beach and something really hit home.  I was passing signs that said “Tsunami hazard zone.”  This is it, this is one of the very beaches where the tsunami hit and destroyed everything.  That made me feel a little nervous.  But what are the chances really?  Oh well keep going, can’t stop now.

Falling Apart

Everything started to fall to hell at this point.  Leaving the travel agent I realized I lost my hoodie, not good, it has been cold and I basically lived in that hoodie for the last month.  I also agreed to do the tuk tuk scam.  There are several stores in Bangkok that offer tuk tuk drivers free gas to bring customers to their store.  It is more of a game I knew what was going on and so did everyone else but I played the game.  Then back to Ko San Road to look for the hoodie.

Ko San Road

Let me take a minute to discuss Ko San Road.  It is basically backpacker town (like china town).  If there is ever a question as to where to take tourists to find a guesthouse in Bangkok, the answer is Ko San Road.  This sounds cool right!  Meet a lot of cool travelers no big deal.  Well along with tourists comes carts selling everything imaginable from cloths to fruit shakes to dried squid (very popular in Thailand) to tours you can even get your hair dreaded.  The icing on the ca

The Life of Night Busses

January 16, 2007
Be warned, this is the bitchy email.  In my last post (Jan 14) I mentioned a night bus ride.  I don’t sleep well on busses, but I managed to get a few hours in.  We arrived in Vientiane at 6 am.  I opted to walk to town because it wasn’t that far and I had a few hours to kill.  When I got there I tried to buy a bus to Bangkok (I was looking forward to not going to Bangkok, just flying through.  No such luck) and found out there was only one, at night.  I guess that is the bus for me.

Bus Rides in Laos



January 14, 2007

Well here I am in Laos on my whirlwind tour.   I did get my visa and everything went very smoothly with that.  Good thing as that is why I came.  It is interesting traveling "alone".  I met Claudio from Switzerland on the bus and we found the embassy and a guesthouse together.  As we split ways to our respective rooms at the guesthouse I met Michael from Canada and we had dinner together.  So really it took days for me to be alone.