Next stop Ayutaya or the old capital of Thailand. there are many ruins of old palaces and temples but the reason I wanted to go was to see the Buddha head that has been surrounded by roots of a Bodhi tree. It looked cool in the postcards! So we arrived and of course the guest houses were full so we decided to stay in a hotel. It was expensive and we were way out of place there. The next day we moved to the comforts of a guest house. 
Renting bikes we hit the town in search of some cool ruins. First we stopped at some nice ruins that seemed to pop out to us. We explored most of them but each corner seemed to look the same so we didn't cover every inch. Then off to the old palace with three stupas still intact. We also saw the majority of a large sitting Buddha and spent some time there in meditation. Next over to what I think is the biggest sitting Buddha in Thailand. Very large, very impressive and very gold. So now where is that Buddha head? We searched the grounds and didn't find anything. The map was confusing but we tried to follow it. Finally hot, sunburnt and tired we stopped for a cold drink. When we asked where to find the head the woman at the store didn't really know but gave us directions to the first place we went. Ahhh where is it. To tired and hungry to continue we decided to try again the next day. After some food a cool room and a little more research we realized it was at the first temple in the one corner we didn't go to! Oh well it was nice to see the next day too.