Then on to Bangkok. This time armed with reservations and the plan to stay I had a much better time. Ko San Road is not so bad when you are rested and have a place to stay. We spent most of our time shopping for things Eric wanted to take back. Fortunately we also went sight seeing for a day and went to Wat Po. This one has the largest reclining Buddha which was very impressive. Aside from the main attraction Wat Po is also a teaching wat. Traditional dance, massage, palm reading and probably other arts I don't remember are kept alive through this wat. Some of the temples have drawings and relief sculptures of the energy lines used in Thai massage. With this huge background of information we decided the best thing to do was to get massages! Good idea. Then came The Great Switch-e-roo. The end of Eric's trip was a little sad for me, but I had quite the distraction. After seeing him off I waited in the airport for three hours and greeted Beth. After a short stint in Bangkok seeing china town and Wat Po again we headed off for island paradise.