Christmas Prep

December 20, 2006
Wow I really haven’t written in two weeks?  Well I guess I have been busy. 
I am amazed how the holiday season is so busy here too.  It is a Buddhist country!  But we are still celebrating Christmas at the school so parties to plan, gifts to wrap it’s Christmas.  At first I was glad to be away from the “lets shove carols down your throat” music lights everywhere Christmas.  Now that it is getting closer I am starting to get a little homesick and I miss it (a little). 
I am still having fun here.  I have tried to separate myself (physically) from any other teacher that is being too negative.  I am also trying to concentrate on the children.  Both are helping my mental state. 
The retreats at the farm are helping too.  Last weekend I had a foot massage to relax.  The next day I went to the farm and did some work.  I left sweaty and covered in dirt and I loved it.  I have also been soar for three days.  I guess a good days work making bricks and a 30 KM bike ride is not what my body is used to.  Oh well it is good to work.  Due to my upcoming vacation I am now thinking I can stay the full six months.  Again time will tell. 
I guess visas will tell also.  I apparently don’t have the 6 month visa I asked for so now along with all of the party planning and vacation coming up I also have to figure out visa runs.  I will have to go to Laos to the embassy and see if I can get a new visa there.  Crazy new visa laws.  Well time to plan and prepare for solstace, two Christmas parties, new years, visa run, starfish dedication, my birthday and vacation all in the next 2 ½ weeks.  Ah the holiday season.
I wish you all a pleasant and relaxing holiday season.