Permaculture Farm

December 12, 2006
I have spent the last weekend at the Baan Thai Project.  It is a permaculture farm here in Maetang.  I can actually bike there, but it is 15 KM so not right around the corner.  It is close anyway.  I feel quite welcome and have tried to jump in and help where I can.  It is also very organized so it feeds my need for that.  There are so many kind people and it is very laid back.  The perfect place for me to let go and soak up the positive energy.  I will be back frequently when the negativity here is overloaded.  Last time I left I was back in 6 hours needing a recharge.  I can’t go everyday so I will have to make due with a few weekends there.  I enjoy the work as it is all towards a goal I believe in, creating a sustainable permaculture farm.  I even got a blister the other day yea.  Now I need to decide if I should stay here and use that as a break, or if I want to just move there.  It all comes down to $.  Do I leave the “job”.  I could do it if I don’t do as much traveling.  But should I give up?