Random Thoughts

October 18, 2006

It is really hot here during the day.  Usually in the upper 90's at around 3.  Nights are beautiful though.  About 70 degrees. 

I tried an octopus today!  it was whole.  8 little legs sticking out.  not bad I have to say.  I am still not up for fish eyes though.  That's ok I have 6 months and 3 weeks to do it.

For Christmas I want something. Receiving a package with correspondence from everyone would be wonderful.  Of course I want world peace, but that is a big one. Oh and I have a phone the school let me borrow.  I have free incoming calls so if you find a good calling card again give me a call sometime.  Just remember the time difference! (Call me if you want Alice's number.)

Also what day of the week was I born?  They really pay attention to that here.  it determines your color and your buddha.  Love you