The Scariest Halloween Ever

Oh my gosh!  The Halloween party was crazy and not in a good way.  The Thai staff set up a whole trick or treat thing, which seemed great as Alicia and I set up all of the decorations and games.  We planned on having a party with games at 4:30 after ballet and doing cookies and trick or treating after dinner.  The Thai staff seemed to agree with that at our meeting with Dick (a whole other story).  Then at 4:30 they said no we are not doing games until after dinner?  Did we not discuss this?  Oh well I am teaching in a different culture and country so I have to trust them right?  At least I got a break for a minute.  So then we had dinner and started getting ready for games, right? Or not I guess we are trick or treating and doing games later. So finally we all get in costumes.  All the kids dressed in the same thing basically, and I thought it was hard to tell them apart before.  Then we separated into groups and set out (I say that as if it didn’t take an hour).

When we got to the first door it was very dark, no lights at all.  I thought this strange, being used to American Halloween, but we had a flashlight.  Then we knocked and no one answered?  So we went in and knocked on the individual rooms?  Finally at the last room someone opened the door and jumped out at the kids.  Beem was so scared she ran away screaming so I followed her.  She was too scared to go back (who can blame her) so I held her and tried to calm her.  Last night I learned that when children are Really scared and shaking, even their individual fingers shake.  Not what I hoped to learn.  Then I thought showing her the “ghost” was actually nice and gave candy would help.  She was ok to walk at that point so we all went on.  I will sum up the rest.  Basically every bush, tree, corner and door had a staff member dressed in a scary costume ready to jump out at the children.  Did I mention the kids are 2 to 8 years old!  They were all terrified.  I could hardly walk at one point because I was carrying two kids and three clung to my skirt trying to stay behind me.  Of course I couldn’t communicate to Goy to ask if we were going to a real trick or treat location, or just somewhere to scare the kids.  Finally we went back to the “party”  which was a giant mass of calming down kids and then feeding them candy and cookies.  Wow are we trying to ruin their lives or what.  Of course no one wanted to go to the “haunted house” Alicia and I made which at this point Julie described as Mr. Rogers living room.  The games were a flop too because none of the staff would help so we really only had one game.  If I would have known maybe we could have had less games and a real trick or treat, not a site wide haunted house.  Frustration.

Now I am exhausted from spending days getting ready for this party and in the end having a scare fest.  I hope we didn’t do too much lasting damage.  Good thing kids are resilient.