Solstice Greeting

December 21, 2006
A Joyous Winter Solstice to everyone.  Now is the turning point, now is the shortest day, now we are closest to the sun, yet tilted away.  Time to rest and rejuvenate for the coming spring just like the seeds that lay dormant.  Symbolically rest of course as it is also the holiday season.  I hope you all enjoy your festivities and get some time to relax as well. 

As for your solstice present from me, here is what to do:
1. go get your pillow (don't worry I have already summoned the interconnectedness of pillows and it is attached to mine)
2. put your arms around it
3. squeeze, give it a good bear hug, and I mean a good one don't let go right away
4. feel the warmth.  That is my love I am sending to you.  Feel free to send that love straight to your heart.

I wish you peace, clarity and repose on your winter solstice.  Namaste