White Water Rafting

December 25, 2006
Christmas eve I started the day with a phone call from the party at my parents’ house. I got to talk to Beth, Sarah, Martha, Mom, Dad, Anne and Ben and got word that there was a long line of folks that wanted to talk and sent their love. I was crying, but it was great. That is what I wanted the most for Christmas and I got it. Yea! Then off to white water rafting. Hey what Christmas eve is complete without it right. We had a lot of fun. Natash and I paired up with two Thai women and a guide for a great five person team. We all had a lot of fun and a lot of jokes. If you can call splashing others, tipping the boat over, trying to push the guide into the water and falling in ourselves, having the guide try to pull us into the water, getting stuck and having to swim, (then telling us we could have stayed in the boat but this was more fun), playing pirates and splashing other boats. Anyway lots of smiles and water. What a great Christmas eve. Well as good as one can be when I am this far away from family and friends. In the evening Lisa and some of her friends arrived from Chiang Mai. We basically partied all night and everyone woke up with a hangover on Christmas. 
Everyone but me that is. I have been sick for about a week now. I drank a little but not too much. I have been coughing a lot and didn’t want to make it worse. So Christmas was very laid back. We cooked a lot of food and all ate too much. And we watched the Christmas Story. That was the key to making it feel like Christmas to me. It definitely had an air of celebration, but that movie made it Christmas. The scene at the Chinese restaurant had a lot more meaning for me this year. The wait staff were wearing the uniform the children wear on Fridays, and they sang like an exaggerated version of the children too. Funny times. Jiap, Nathi, Best and Nathi’s husband came over for a while. We also lit two lanterns and released them as we sang Christmas carols. It was a fun day which is nice because I definitely was a little depressed. Oh well now I am less depressed, just sick and trying to figure out visa stuff. I may be here for my birthday or in Laos. I will figure it out this week, or next and leave before or after my birthday and get the visa, or not? Oh well I will figure it all out.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. Happy New Year!