Ko Tao

We decided to go to Ko Tao (turtle island) as it is known for snorkeling and diving. Our bungalow had a view of Buddha Rock and several times we just looked around and realized this is exactly where we both wanted to be. Of course we started with a bit of relaxation but we needed some adventure too. One day we rented a kayak and snorkel equipment and headed out to the next bay over (what was that called again?). Arriving on the beach we noticed something different, top less women which I was fine with. I guess that is why it is called Freedom Beach. Snorkeling was nice but shallow at first so we were in constant fear of scraping our stomachs even though we were far enough away. On our way out of the bay (called... I forgot) I saw this huge fish jump out of the water. Wow good thing it didn't hit the boat. After we got back we ate dinner and then had a fun night at the beach bar. 
We went on a snorkel trip around the island. The first stop was that same bay from yesturday, called SHARK BAY. Yes that is right, sharks right there yards from where we were. I was scared to snorkel there at first but so many people were out and not getting eaten and it is intriguing so I swam towards where the sharks were. After a few minutes I started to have second thoughts, then I heard a young girl scream. She had seen sharks and was terrified. She was also only about twenty feet from me. Ok I am turning back! I put my mask back on and went to turn around. As soon as I looked down I saw three beautiful black tip sharks. I already am swimming with sharks! Still a little nerve racking but I stuck with it and even saw one chase a fish. In addition to this bay we snorkeled in three others seeing all kinds of coral and fish. Little and blue, large striped, greens, purples, browns, yellows and coral of all shapes and sizes. The most exiting for me was the cuttle fish. They look like a squid with two long fins on each side that ripple to propel them. I also found out that the little black and white stripped fish that are everywhere in big schools, bite. Oh well at least they don't bite hard.
The last stop was another island, but this one we had to pay to get on. We are notorious for not bringing enough money so after the unexpected 200 bhat we weren't able to even buy a drink. We did hike up to the top which was fun even though it was poring rain. Snorkeling in the rain isn't half bad either. Unfortunately that only took up the first hour so we had a wet cold second hour to deal with. Oh well it was too good of a day to complain about.


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wonderful place have seen Koh tao in my last visit specially the resorts and the diving experience was awesome there.
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