Attractions in Shanghai Not to Miss Out in 2015

Shanghai is a city of contrasts and this is one of the many reasons that it has gained a position in the list of the best holiday destinations in 2015 as per One of the highlights of the city is the third tallest building in mainland China which is the Jin Mao Tower that is at the center of the Trade Districts and Lujiazui Finance in Pudong. The world famous Grand Hyatt Shanghai is located at this tower that was completed back in the year 1999, there are banquet halls, there are entertainment facilities, offices, exhibition halls and an observation deck for some spectacular views of the city. Standing at 421 meters, the Jin Mao Tower has 88 floors with both modern and traditional Chinese culture architectural styles. Just like the Jin Mao Tower, the oriental Pearl Tower in Lujiazui, Pudong attracts many visitors not only because of its fascinating architectural design, but also due to the fact that it stands at 468 meters and the Yangpu Bridge surrounds it. Imagine pearls shining on a jade plate! This is exactly what this tower seems like. On the base of the tower, there are three decorative spheres, there are three observation decks in form of spheres and there are also five other spheres.

Located along the Anyuan road in Putuo district, you will find one of the most popular Buddha temples in Shanghai that has contributed to the city being one of the best travel places 2015. The name of the Jade Buddha Temple that is on the north-west of the city came from the two white jade Buddhist statues brought in from Singapore and China. Tourists from around the globe visit the temple that is home to Buddhist scriptures, paintings and several halls. Semi-precious stones adorn the seated Buddha while the other Buddha reclines. Some of the best times to visit the Buddha temple that has become very popular with tourists is during the new Year’s Lunar Day when several events are held. After a tour of the tower, many visitors make sure that they visit the only remaining flea market of the city which is the Dongtailu Antique Market. It is a great market to buy gifts and souvenirs such as Chinese dishes and vintage trinkets.

Another one of the attractions in Shanghai as pe travel blogs is the City God Temple that is also known as the Chenghuangmia. In the street that this ancient temple is located, tourists combine the experience as they do not only visit the temple, but they also go tasting the Chinese cuisine at Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant and shopping. The 400 year old classical Chinese garden not only offers its visitors an experience full of rich history, but also tranquility as they explore the garden. The gardens have ponds as well as pavilions and dragon-lined walls. At the Chenghuangmiao Temple, Chinese can be seen worshipping the town god as it is also known as the Temple of the Town Deity and statues of a local military.