The Scariest Halloween Ever

Oh my gosh!  The Halloween party was crazy and not in a good way.  The Thai staff set up a whole trick or treat thing, which seemed great as Alicia and I set up all of the decorations and games.  We planned on having a party with games at 4:30 after ballet and doing cookies and trick or treating after dinner.  The Thai staff seemed to agree with that at our meeting with Dick (a whole other story).  Then at 4:30 they said no we are not doing games until after dinner?  Did we not discuss thi


October 31, 2006
I am ok, adjusting and definately feeling comfortable with the country and travel.  All Thai's seem to be so nice.  I was in someones way the other day and they didn't even say anything, just wait for me to move.  Too nice in my mind, I would have said something.