Random Thoughts

October 18, 2006

It is really hot here during the day.  Usually in the upper 90's at around 3.  Nights are beautiful though.  About 70 degrees. 

I tried an octopus today!  it was whole.  8 little legs sticking out.  not bad I have to say.  I am still not up for fish eyes though.  That's ok I have 6 months and 3 weeks to do it.


October 13, 2006. 

Well lets talk about the food.  Although I like rice I was very glad to see bananas for breakfast.  Corn flakes too, but I am most happy about the fruit.  We mainly have rice and sides.  There is a lot of meat in the dishes but they always make sure there is something I can eat.  Some of the other teachers are vegetarians also.