India Insights Abroad | Volunteer in India

Travel to India!  Learn about life in India by really living it for at least a short time. Give something back of yourself. Volunteer in the rural communities that you visit and help them with a needed project.

Totally immerse yourself in the culture of India. Step outside of your "comfort zone". Make a stronger connection with India, its cultural roots and heritage. Through this experience you may develop a greater awareness of your own origins. Insights Abroad will acquaint you with the situation of India today. You can develop a broader understanding of the world and alternate ways of thinking. And hopefully you will learn much about yourself, who you are, and more importantly who you can be! 

This is a structured program specially designed for a group. The program is spread across two different regions and themes within Rajasthan. 

We begin in the greater Jaipur environs, and focus on the first component of art, crafts, and architecture. 

In the second half of the program, we travel to Udaipur, where we will explore and experience village life through a rural home-stay. The focus in the second half will be on rural development, subsistence agriculture, and environmental issues.

The program is the result of a creative collaboration of dedicated educationists, artists, and intellectuals in Jaipur.

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Woman with chin on folded hands on the back of a camel. a volunteer in India
Group shot of people with blue painted faces, host student exchange programs
Volunteers working with pick axes.
Bearded Indian man in brightly colored turban, total cultural immersion