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Since this program is designed to be an intensive cultural immersion, certain aspects of it may be both physically and emotionally challenging.

India is currently emerging as a global economic power, which has triggered massive changes in both urban and rural societies. For India, it is a time of complicated self-reflection and questioning, as an ancient and traditional society confronts modern economic and social challenges.

The participants in this program may find some of their preconceived notions about both urban and rural India challenged and tested during these demanding three weeks.

In addition, the climate of Rajasthan is hot and dry, and the rural excursions may involve traveling in mountainous or harsh terrain. The rural home stay with poor subsistence farmer families will be particularly challenging the comfort levels of the participants.

However, those coming with an open mind and a healthy attitude to learn and experience from this rich and stimulating environment, will be well situated to enjoy personal growth and development.

Program Fees


US $1000 per person (please see attached detailed cost analysis)

US $175 per person for each extended week.

Budget Estimates for 2007

Note:- Our program will charge only the program fee @ US $ 1000 per person. The budget figures given below are just suggestions to help the participants plan their individual budgets.

  • The program fee covers all Tuitions, Full room & board, all program linked excursions, field trips, Workshops, Music and Dance Concerts and other direct program expenses.
  • The program fee does not covers the estimated personal cost which may include Visa application fee, International air fare, pocket expenses/incidental, Medical expanses, books and supplies, personal local transportation etc.
  • In addition to the costs and fee listed below, the participants may wish to budget for things like immunization, discretionary travel undertaken before, during or after the program.
  • These are the projected budget estimates for a group of 15.

Estimated Program Costs

Insights Abroad Fees

Tuition & Program Fee:


Room & Board:


Program Costs Subtotal




Estimated Additional Fees

International Airfare:



Estimated Additional Personal Costs:

Visa Expenses:


Books & Supplies:


Personal Expenses:


Local Transportation:


Personal Costs Subtotal




Participant’s Total Program Budget



Proposed Dates

For Individuals/ Families :-

Open any time between September and March every year.

For Groups :-

  • Option I- November 25-December 15, 2007
  • Option II- January 7--27, 2008
  • Option III- October 4- 24, 2008
  • Option IV- November 25- December 15, 2008

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Its quite informative post. There will have fun to accept challenges for the Abroad. As the costs are also mentioned above, and that will not be so expensive. Rajasthan is actually full of true Indian traditions and cultures.
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