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Mountains, Caves, Waterfalls | Thailand's Trang Province

My village was called Ban Nai Wang in Nong Bua sub-district Ratsada District Trang province Thailand. It means the Village amidst a large valley surround large mountain that connect multiple provinces with Nakhon Si Thammarat and Phatthalung Province.

Forest Exploration
Deep in the Forest

5 Instagram-worthy Spots and Scenes of Mumbai

More often than not, we become so settled in our routine lives that travelling takes a back seat. Time is something that none of us have, apparently. It is of utmost importance to escape the rut of our day-to-day lives and travel is something that makes the possibility of self-exploration a reality. Through an expedition to another city, another town, we often take a journey into ourselves, face our fears, listen to our laughter, explore our self worth and give wings to our hopes.

Top 5 Places To Visit For Solo Women Traveller In India

Not all those who wander are lost. Away from the hustle & bustle of daily lives, one often needs peace to find oneself. In the era of equality and independence, it has become a necessity to take breaks with self. With the trending travels and bag pack trips, women often wonder to consider places that will uplift them and will help them find themselves in the middle of the daily chores.

Top 7 Fascinating Indian Cities

India is one such place which is different on each step, it houses people from different religion, caste and belief and that is the prominent reason which makes this country rich in culture and diversity. This country has ample options which will surely increase your love for travelling. Visit the fascinating cities of India which are beautiful, unique and diverse in its own way.

The Sacred City - Varanasi

Ultimate Places in Bangalore that Make You Wonder Why You Ignored This Hot Tourist Destination

Ultimate Places in Bangalore that Make You Wonder Why You Ignored This Hot Tourist Destination


STAY WITH A LOCAL, EAT WITH A LOCAL - for best cultural immersion

Try Fun & Healthy Explorations of Indian Culture for LEISURE, PLEASURE & REJUVENATION through an Indian homestay in New Delhi region, .with a Local Guide

Attractions in Shanghai Not to Miss Out in 2015

Shanghai is a city of contrasts and this is one of the many reasons that it has gained a position in the list of the best holiday destinations in 2015 as per One of the highlights of the city is the third tallest building in mainland China which is the Jin Mao Tower that is at the center of the Trade Districts and Lujiazui Finance in Pudong.

India Beyond the Taj Mahal - 11 Must Visit Travel Destinations

Travelling in India is becoming synonymous with visiting well known sights and sounds like the Taj Mahal or the famous backwaters of Kerala, like Alleppey.

What is a Rainbow Gathering?

Rainbow is a gathering, not a "festival", and as such, it's just a group of people getting together in the nature for a little while with no real agenda. Rainbow is Non-Political, and totally non-commercial, there is no "market", no buying or selling.

Everything is communal (well, personal stuff is personal, we don’t expect folk to sign over their bank accounts and forfeit their back packs at the door ;)), There are no charges or fees; entrance, camping, workshops, meals, and the chaishops and snack shops are all shared freely.

Ayutthaya: what a legend keeps this city?

 In many countries, people built the beautiful capital city, then carried them, changed their names or were not able to defend against the enemy. The capital were destroyed, and then forgotten ...