SLOW TRAVEL IN INDIA WITH A GUIDE - For Women, Seniors, Nature-lovers

Is your idea of a holiday a quiet, romantic escape into the hills where you can get in touch with your inner self, re-discover the child-like sense of wonder in Nature, gain a brand new perspective on some troubling issues, awaken to the chirping of birds, pen poems or a travelogue, splash paints on a canvas, practise yoga and meditation beside a roaring river or a gurgling stream, pick juicy fruit off a tree in an orchard, feel the breeze teasing your hair, wander along forest trails, collect pebbles and pine cones, soak your tired feet in icy running water, breathe in lungfuls of healthy mountain air, savour farm-fresh local veggie dishes, visit some ancient temples and palaces, shop for local handicrafts, observe traditional rural life and unusual customs, exchange greetings with friendly locals, participate in a local festival or fair, enjoy high tea with an Indian family, take photos to send your friends, watch bewitching sunrises and sunsets, drift off to sleep while gazing at a glittering night sky from a cottage sans satellite television, or while listening to crickets and counting fireflies… and finally head back to ‘base camp’ with your trouble-shooting guide, and a deep sense of gratitude to the Universe for being alive and energized mentally, physically and emotionally after bonding so closely with the five elements and local culture?

If your breathless answer was, ‘Yes, oh yes!’ to most, if not all, of my suggestions, then I’d be the right person to guide you on just such a leisurely and personalized dream holiday for you or your family, starting from New Delhi or Gurgaon, and winding through the Himalayan apple-growing region of Himachal Pradesh, where I grew up. Apart from my proven experience in the Indian tourism industry (which includes a stint at Government of India Tourist Office in Paris and guided eco-cultural homestay activities and excursions), I am a published writer-photographer-researcher, a graduate in History Honours from Delhi University, and an Interpreter (English, French, Hindi) all rolled into one. Just the right profile for organizing and guiding you on that India holiday, wouldn’t you say?I look forward to hearing from you, and  providing you the perfect holiday with many a perfect moment that you will cherish. 

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