The Taj Mahal

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Built during the 22 years by Shah Jehan as mousolum for the beloved wife Mumtaz ul Zamani is better known as Mumtaz Mahal. An architecture in the name of love into one beautiful building in the world. After the mean, the building that is referred to as the Taj Mahal India Located in Agra, India Uttar Paradesh area. Exactly in the border river Yamuna. Development involving 20,000 workers, most experts architects, artists, craft experts, a number of expert calligraphers, carver, stone experts from the entire Indian, Persian, and Turkish. Built with precision, emotion, art and amazing architecture. Taj Mahal History Building it was a promise. Originate from the year 1631, when Mumtaz Mahal lie dying on the side of her husband Shah Jehan, after giving birth to 14 children for the king. Women collect the four promises from the king. First apply is to build Taj, the second request does not kimpoi again, the third of her husband on the good treatment of their children, and the last request to visit the gtave regularly. Not long time Mumtaz also died. Shah Jehan is hit with the death of his wife, but she soon realize the promise of the beloved wife. And he ordered the development of a Taj in 1631. During the 2 years Shah Jehan incarcerate themselves and mourn. So in 1633, he finally emphasized the development of a tomb for his wife in the building that was under way. Building that symbolizes love Khurrum Shihab-ud-din Muhammad, a prince of the Mughal dynasty to his wife to the three named Akbarabadi Mahal. Mumtaz Mahal, which then become the wife of the most beloved and the most been spoiled.Tgerefore the wife is always accompany him in every assignment to other regions. Accompany the faithful in the palace, and in tents in the way the prince. Building nearly 60 meters high as it was created with a base of stone and marble carving some part of it is given, decorations, and a layer of gold, silver, and diamonds. All eyes is amazed and impressed. See the Taj Mahal, people believe that there is no other building that is capable of beauty. Actually exist in the most love. Visiting Taj Mahal Taj Mahal is a different feel. Many controversies that bounce from there. Perhaps because the aura and beauty of the building is able to influence the emotions visitors. Taj Mahal architecture represent the best of luxury Mughal dynasty. Reflect the original mix of culture and history of Moslem Kingdom that the Mughal India. Despite of similar physical appearance of the mosque, but indeed it is a grave reverence. One of the luxury Taj Mahal in using material that is shipped from all over India and Asia. Walls formed with a snippet of stone and marble stones in the sand iron lock construction techniques. Thousands of elephants are used as the carrier material. To meet the needs of sand stones, shipped from the mine near Fatehour Sikri, and white marble from King Jai Singh in Makrana, Rajasthan. Jasper jewel comes from Punjab, jade and crystal from China. Jewel turquoise from Tibet, lapis Lazuli stones from Afghanistan, sapphire stone from Sri Lanka and the carnelian from Arabia. At least 28 types of stone used as decoration Taj Mahal. All detail information about the development of Taj Mahal is still hidden. Somehow the building later this remains the one of sevent modern wonders of the world, save the big secret. However, the value of art, history, culture and philosophy of the commentary will be loaded, remains the one of debating human heritage. Since 1983, Taj Mahal has become one of the World Heritage Site of UNESCO .