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My village was called Ban Nai Wang in Nong Bua sub-district Ratsada District Trang province Thailand. It means the Village amidst a large valley surround large mountain that connect multiple provinces with Nakhon Si Thammarat and Phatthalung Province.

Forest Exploration
Deep in the Forest
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Koh Tao Diving

Koh Tao Heights offers a new standard of accommodation on this magnificent island. All of our Koh Tao apartments and villas feature a stylish combination of traditional Thai design, modern elegance and eco living!This is the perfect holiday location for romantic couples, honeymooner’s, families or groups of friends.

What is a Rainbow Gathering?

Rainbow is a gathering, not a "festival", and as such, it's just a group of people getting together in the nature for a little while with no real agenda. Rainbow is Non-Political, and totally non-commercial, there is no "market", no buying or selling.

Everything is communal (well, personal stuff is personal, we don’t expect folk to sign over their bank accounts and forfeit their back packs at the door ;)), There are no charges or fees; entrance, camping, workshops, meals, and the chaishops and snack shops are all shared freely.


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Ayutthaya: what a legend keeps this city?

 In many countries, people built the beautiful capital city, then carried them, changed their names or were not able to defend against the enemy. The capital were destroyed, and then forgotten ...

Ko Tao

We decided to go to Ko Tao (turtle island) as it is known for snorkeling and diving. Our bungalow had a view of Buddha Rock and several times we just looked around and realized this is exactly where we both wanted to be. Of course we started with a bit of relaxation but we needed some adventure too. One day we rented a kayak and snorkel equipment and headed out to the next bay over (what was that called again?). Arriving on the beach we noticed something different, top less women which I was fine with. I guess that is why it is called Freedom Beach. Sno


Then on to Bangkok. This time armed with reservations and the plan to stay I had a much better time. Ko San Road is not so bad when you are rested and have a place to stay. We spent most of our time shopping for things Eric wanted to take back. Fortunately we also went sight seeing for a day and went to Wat Po. This one has the largest reclining Buddha which was very impressive. Aside from the main attraction Wat Po is also a teaching wat. Traditional dance, massage, palm reading and probably other arts I don't remember are kept alive through this w


Next stop Ayutaya or the old capital of Thailand. there are many ruins of old palaces and temples but the reason I wanted to go was to see the Buddha head that has been surrounded by roots of a Bodhi tree. It looked cool in the postcards! So we arrived and of course the guest houses were full so we decided to stay in a hotel. It was expensive and we were way out of place there. The next day we moved to the comforts of a guest house. 

Air Conditioning

Here is your chance for the "I told you so". I have never been a fan of air conditioning as it is always cranked to about 60 degrees on perfectly comfortable summer days. Well comfortable for me anyway. I rarely get hot enough to want air. Not in SE Asia! It is hot here. Laying and doing nothing still produces beads of sweat unless you are directly in front of a fan. Being able to come out of the heat to an air conditioned room where you can feel normal again is wonderful. Mind you we were leaving 105 heat to a room cooled to 78.


It was nice to get back to Thailand and it really showed me how everything is relative. When I first arrived in Thailand I noticed a lot of differences. It seemed somewhat dirty and there was a lot of waiting for things that didn't need to happen and just an overall air of disorder. After traveling in Cambodia and Laos and now seeing Thailand it appears clean, efficient and not corrupt (no one with 5B signs). It is interesting to me how my mind can change so dramatically just based on where I came from. Oh well I am happy to be back "home".