Border Crossing

The Cambodian side was a small shack with a hammock and a desk which housed stamps, a stamp pad and a notebook for our info. After we paid the one dollar (scam? standard exit fee?

Travel Days

Next stop Kratie where we just spent the night and bought our super convenient, all inclusive ticket for the next day. The ticket was a bus to Strom Treng, a ferry across the river, a sontao to the border, a truck to the pier and a boat to Don Det the Island we were heading. Now that is all inclusive! Unfortunately each time we changed transport we were dropped at a restaurant and informed not to worry it would be a little bit but we definitely had time to eat. Lovely. Again a little nerve racking to wait until the last possible moment to leave for the borde


April 7, 2007

Well after Angkor Wat we had some intense travel time. First back to Phnom Penh to pick up our Lao visas. As we drove up to the embassy I noticed a sign that said they closed for 2 1/2 hours for lunch, in 5 minutes. Nervous I jumped out and asked the guard if they were closed and he just said "hurry up". Luckily we got our visas, no incidence, just the way I like it.

Angkor Wat

Next was Angkor Wat. It is a series of temples laid out to match the constellation Draco or the dragon (between the big and little dipper if anyone wants to find it). It was started about 1000 years ago but lines up with the constellation as it looked in 10,050 BC! Weird. There are dragon figures all over all of the temples. Many are being restored but some were left as is, with trees still engulfing the ruins in some parts. Many of the temples had huge faces carved in to the sides or towers.


March 13, 2007
Well I finally have a minute to recap my experiences over the last month or so. 
I left the farm to go to a going away party in Chiang Mai. It was sad to leave these kids too, but at least I already said goodbye so it wasn’t as intense. We watched the kids dance and everyone sang and had a great time. We played a few games and had lots of good food.


Truly a time of celebration. First it was Hadar’s birthday and we had a party complete with pizza and chocolate cake (and rice and soy milk and veggie stir fry. Hey we are still in Thailand). Then it was valentines day and we did a poetry reading. I am still a little to shy to read in front of everyone and I haven’t written a poem since high school but I feel more able to do so now. Maybe next time I will have a poem I have written.

To the Farm

So Goodbyes said and things packed I decided to go to the farm that night. No need to draw this out any further. Alicia drove me over and I was well received. Sunday night is potluck night so I thought that would be a great time to show up. Wrong. I was in such a crazy mood having just left the kids I was on a completely different wavelength than everyone else. Oh well I just tried to blend in. Then Shahar said he was going to lead an impromptu theater session. Great I am so shy with impromptu stuff I wasn’t going to go.

Leaving the School

February 17, 2007

Thailand gallery

Starfish Parable
At dawn an old man was walking along the beach, where thousands of starfish were stranded and lay dying because of the low tide. The man saw a little boy throwing them back into the sea. Thinking himself very wise, he said to the boy, "Why are you doing that? It won’t make any difference." The boy bent down, picked up a starfish, threw it back into the sea and said, "It makes a difference to this one."

Quit School

February 6, 2007