Falling Apart

Everything started to fall to hell at this point.  Leaving the travel agent I realized I lost my hoodie, not good, it has been cold and I basically lived in that hoodie for the last month.  I also agreed to do the tuk tuk scam.  There are several stores in Bangkok that offer tuk tuk drivers free gas to bring customers to their store.  It is more of a game I knew what was going on and so did everyone else but I played the game.  Then back to Ko San Road to look for the hoodie.

The Life of Night Busses

January 16, 2007
Be warned, this is the bitchy email.  In my last post (Jan 14) I mentioned a night bus ride.  I don’t sleep well on busses, but I managed to get a few hours in.  We arrived in Vientiane at 6 am.  I opted to walk to town because it wasn’t that far and I had a few hours to kill.  When I got there I tried to buy a bus to Bangkok (I was looking forward to not going to Bangkok, just flying through.  No such luck) and found out there was only one, at night.  I guess that is the bus for me.

Bus Rides in Laos



January 14, 2007

Well here I am in Laos on my whirlwind tour.   I did get my visa and everything went very smoothly with that.  Good thing as that is why I came.  It is interesting traveling "alone".  I met Claudio from Switzerland on the bus and we found the embassy and a guesthouse together.  As we split ways to our respective rooms at the guesthouse I met Michael from Canada and we had dinner together.  So really it took days for me to be alone. 

Preparing for Travels

January 4, 2007

Market Experience

December 26, 2006

White Water Rafting

December 25, 2006

Christmas Party

December 23, 2006
We just finished our Christmas party here and it was a lot of fun.  I still think it is crazy that I am finishing my December 23rd while you are just starting yours.  Hey this year I get to see the new year hours before you.  Crazy.  This was a great holiday party, the children were so happy to see Santa.  Especially since Santa spoke Thai.  It was different, but hey that's what I expected. 

Making Bricks

Solstice Greeting

December 21, 2006