Loy Kratong

November 12, 2006

Last weekend was the Loy Kratong festival.  It is held on the 13th lunar month during the full moon (the November full moon). 

I love finding a festival celebrating nature.  There are two activities, first the lanterns, which are big white balloons that are lit and released.  Some of them have fireworks as a “tail”.  It creates a sparkly tail like a comet.  They are usually white, but I saw some colored ones, and some groups write notes on them. 

Thai Art and Yoga Classes

November 2, 2006

So I have started Art classes finally.  I have taught a few, but not my own class.  The last few days have been great.  Teaching art, organizing volunteer info and teaching yoga.  Of course there is the ever present classroom management.  Yesterday I actually said “Pim will you stop climbing the walls”  She had her hands on the table and could reach the wall with her feet so she climbed up!  Wow and I thought that was just a figure of speech.

The Scariest Halloween Ever

Oh my gosh!  The Halloween party was crazy and not in a good way.  The Thai staff set up a whole trick or treat thing, which seemed great as Alicia and I set up all of the decorations and games.  We planned on having a party with games at 4:30 after ballet and doing cookies and trick or treating after dinner.  The Thai staff seemed to agree with that at our meeting with Dick (a whole other story).  Then at 4:30 they said no we are not doing games until after dinner?  Did we not discuss thi

Volunteer Coordinator

So did you all take bets to see how long before I became the volunteer coordinator?  If so whoever guessed 21 days gets the jackpot.  Hey I saw a need and offered my services.  It also means I can be more flexible with my schedule.  And still teaching art and yoga. 

Have a great day.  Madalitso


October 31, 2006
I am ok, adjusting and definately feeling comfortable with the country and travel.  All Thai's seem to be so nice.  I was in someones way the other day and they didn't even say anything, just wait for me to move.  Too nice in my mind, I would have said something. 

A Letter to Grandma

October 25, 2006

Thank you for the email, it is great to hear from you.  To answer your questions I am teaching Art and Yoga to Thai students 2 to 8 years old and just yoga to some pre and post natal mothers at the wildflower program (another program of the same foundation).  Sometimes I help in the Montessori classes as well.  I teach in English as it is the only language I speak. 

A Trip in the Dark

Monday was a holiday so I didn’t leave to go home until 4pm.  By the time I made it across town, found the saung tao and rode to Mae Tang it was dark.  My cell phone also died, so I got off at the 7-11 where I knew there was a pay phone.  However my phone card doesn’t have any minutes.  Interesting, it had 97 last time I checked.  Luckily I had some change, but no one answered so the phone ate the change. 

Thanks to Buddha

Sunday morning I went to Wat Doi Sutep.  It is the biggest wat in Chiang Mai.  I took many pictures and observed a lot.  Once I felt I knew what all was happening I bought a flower, incense and candles for an offering.  There is a big golden tower in the middle and people walk around it and pray.  There is also an area for lighting incense and candles as an offering so I did all of the above.  Hey why not give thanks to Buddha.


October 24, 2006

Well haven’t written in a while because I have been experiencing so much.  We finally had a meeting about my schedule and decided I will be teaching Art and Yoga in Mae Tang and Chiang Mai.  And I will teach in Chiang Mai on Fridays so now my days off are Saturday and Sunday.  At least it is decided.