Preparing to Leave

October 5, 2006

38 degrees in Mason Michigan.  Well this is it, the day I leave for Thailand, sort of.  I have been preparing for this move for a month now.  Last week I ground my teeth so bad my jaw hurt.  After my going away party on Saturday I felt like I was on a slide straight to the airport.  Ready or not here I come. 


Hello everyone.

Well I am safe in Chiangmai Thailand. So what am I doing in Thailand you ask?

Crazy Christmas

December 5, 2006
Well the last few days have been less than desirable.  I came back from Chiang Mai for my days off because I wanted a chance to relax in the countryside.  Wrong.  I forgot that my room is right next to the group room and since there is no class on  Saturday and Sunday (my days off) someone is always in the group room.