October 24, 2006

Well haven’t written in a while because I have been experiencing so much.  We finally had a meeting about my schedule and decided I will be teaching Art and Yoga in Mae Tang and Chiang Mai.  And I will teach in Chiang Mai on Fridays so now my days off are Saturday and Sunday.  At least it is decided. 

Finally time for my actual days off.  I had a list of things I needed that I didn’t bring.  The burden of packing light.  However I was happy to be able to shop.  I rode a bike around town to see what I could see and kill some time.  I found some nice shops and oriented myself with the city.  When I got to the clothing store I found a few things to try on. 

Question:  What size am I?  I was looking at t-shirts.  In America I am a Small or Medium so I found a S, M and L because they looked like they were running small.  NONE OF THEM FIT.  In Thailand I am a XL.  So I guess the random body image complex I had in High School does have some merit.  Regardless I bought a few more things to make myself comfortable. 

I also had my first Thai Massage!  Wow a one-hour full body massage and body work for about $4.  I am in.  I may have one a week. 

Saturday night Shelly Lisa and I went to the night walking market.  Very fun but markets are still overwhelming to me.  I don’t even know what I am looking for let alone if I want to buy anything.  So again I just walked around and took everything in.