Teaching Yoga

On the positive side I had my first class today.  I taught Yoga (yoka in Thai) to all the kids that don’t take a nap.  I did a lot of work to get ready.  I had calm music, a routine, even a drawing of a circle to illustrate the movement of some of the poses.  Well just because you don’t take a nap doesn’t mean you are well behaved in a class.  I had one crier, two singers (loud singers) a napper (shouldn’t she be in the other class???) two beauty queens (doing their hair in the mirror) and one who wouldn’t do anything. 

On the flip side I had one student ask for more after everyone else left.  I stayed and showed her five more poses and she wasn’t done.  I finally had to tell her I was done after an hour of relatively intense yoga in 80 degree heat.  In the end it was a success because I learned so much.  45 minutes is too long at least for now.  They need to choose to be here and once they come they should stay.  Don’t bother with the music you can’t hear it over the fans.  The students do really love the yoga deck I brought with the illustrations of the poses.  I think I will incorporate them choosing cards at random once I know more of them.  Well I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.