Thanks to Buddha

Sunday morning I went to Wat Doi Sutep.  It is the biggest wat in Chiang Mai.  I took many pictures and observed a lot.  Once I felt I knew what all was happening I bought a flower, incense and candles for an offering.  There is a big golden tower in the middle and people walk around it and pray.  There is also an area for lighting incense and candles as an offering so I did all of the above.  Hey why not give thanks to Buddha.

On my way home I stumbled upon this market.  It turns out to be the Sunday night market.  I decided to walk around for a while.  There were so many fun things at this market.  First off it was huge.  With so many people around there was a lot of noise and movement.  At one point this song started, either a national anthem or maybe a song for the king I don’t know but everyone, yes every single person in the market stopped moving and was silent for the song.  It was amazing to see so many people doing the exact same thing in unison.  We also ran into a street performance of some children and a marching band.  We watched for a while and then someone came out and started singing.  Then these people in animal costumes came out.  There was a pink and a blue elephant, an owl and some others and all the children ran up to them.  Wow Thailand is so random when you don’t understand the language.