Chiang Mai


October 31, 2006
I am ok, adjusting and definately feeling comfortable with the country and travel.  All Thai's seem to be so nice.  I was in someones way the other day and they didn't even say anything, just wait for me to move.  Too nice in my mind, I would have said something. 

A Letter to Grandma

October 25, 2006

Thank you for the email, it is great to hear from you.  To answer your questions I am teaching Art and Yoga to Thai students 2 to 8 years old and just yoga to some pre and post natal mothers at the wildflower program (another program of the same foundation).  Sometimes I help in the Montessori classes as well.  I teach in English as it is the only language I speak. 

A Trip in the Dark

Monday was a holiday so I didn’t leave to go home until 4pm.  By the time I made it across town, found the saung tao and rode to Mae Tang it was dark.  My cell phone also died, so I got off at the 7-11 where I knew there was a pay phone.  However my phone card doesn’t have any minutes.  Interesting, it had 97 last time I checked.  Luckily I had some change, but no one answered so the phone ate the change. 

Thanks to Buddha

Sunday morning I went to Wat Doi Sutep.  It is the biggest wat in Chiang Mai.  I took many pictures and observed a lot.  Once I felt I knew what all was happening I bought a flower, incense and candles for an offering.  There is a big golden tower in the middle and people walk around it and pray.  There is also an area for lighting incense and candles as an offering so I did all of the above.  Hey why not give thanks to Buddha.


October 24, 2006

Well haven’t written in a while because I have been experiencing so much.  We finally had a meeting about my schedule and decided I will be teaching Art and Yoga in Mae Tang and Chiang Mai.  And I will teach in Chiang Mai on Fridays so now my days off are Saturday and Sunday.  At least it is decided. 

Random Thoughts

October 18, 2006

It is really hot here during the day.  Usually in the upper 90's at around 3.  Nights are beautiful though.  About 70 degrees. 

I tried an octopus today!  it was whole.  8 little legs sticking out.  not bad I have to say.  I am still not up for fish eyes though.  That's ok I have 6 months and 3 weeks to do it.

Feeling Better

October 16, 2006

Well we didn't have the Monday meeting so no structure yet, but I am having fun working in the Montessori class.  I have even considered getting certified and teaching Montessori.  It is a really cool method that is really student centered. 


On a more positive note:  Yesterday I was feeling quite like a hermit.  I wanted to go for a walk after I finished my yoga class and cleaning the art room. By that time it was getting dark so I couldn’t really leave.  I was sick of reading and working on the computer so I was just going to go to bed early again. 


Teaching Yoga

On the positive side I had my first class today.  I taught Yoga (yoka in Thai) to all the kids that don’t take a nap.  I did a lot of work to get ready.  I had calm music, a routine, even a drawing of a circle to illustrate the movement of some of the poses.  Well just because you don’t take a nap doesn’t mean you are well behaved in a class.  I had one crier, two singers (loud singers) a napper (shouldn’t she be in the other class???) two beauty queens (doing their hair in the mirror) and one who wouldn’t do anything.