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Some of the founding members of our foundation and I had been Involved in administering Cross-Cultural experiential learning Programs in India for American and/or Canadian students for many years.

Director -Rishi Chaturvedi

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Since this program is designed to be an intensive cultural immersion, certain aspects of it may be both physically and emotionally challenging.

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For individuals and families - We offer tailor-made experiential learning, total immersion and volunteer work opportunities wherein the participants stay with an Indian host families, both, in urban and rural areas.

Woman and child dressed in flowing skirt and headdress, dancing
Woman dancing with turban headdress
Man with long blonde hair working a marianette puppet.

The Scariest Halloween Ever

Oh my gosh!  The Halloween party was crazy and not in a good way.  The Thai staff set up a whole trick or treat thing, which seemed great as Alicia and I set up all of the decorations and games.  We planned on having a party with games at 4:30 after ballet and doing cookies and trick or treating after dinner.  The Thai staff seemed to agree with that at our meeting with Dick (a whole other story).  Then at 4:30 they said no we are not doing games until after dinner?  Did we not discuss thi

Volunteer Coordinator

So did you all take bets to see how long before I became the volunteer coordinator?  If so whoever guessed 21 days gets the jackpot.  Hey I saw a need and offered my services.  It also means I can be more flexible with my schedule.  And still teaching art and yoga. 

Have a great day.  Madalitso


Teaching Yoga

On the positive side I had my first class today.  I taught Yoga (yoka in Thai) to all the kids that don’t take a nap.  I did a lot of work to get ready.  I had calm music, a routine, even a drawing of a circle to illustrate the movement of some of the poses.  Well just because you don’t take a nap doesn’t mean you are well behaved in a class.  I had one crier, two singers (loud singers) a napper (shouldn’t she be in the other class???) two beauty queens (doing their hair in the mirror) and one who wouldn’t do anything. 

First Day Teaching

I worked in the Montessori class today.  This is the first time I have worked in a Montessori class and it was very manageable.  I had between one and four students at a time.  English is basically the subject I work with because the other teachers are all Thai.  I worked on Letters and the difference between a letter and a sound.  Some of the children are ready to read.  Most of them are at the most basic level reading such as the cat sat on a mat.  Ahbe read me a b