Top 5 Unique Places in Japan to Visit

If you are looking for unique places to visit, Japan has a lot of hidden unique and unusual places that you can go for a visit. To some travellers, the land of the rising sun is an explorer’s dream. With a number of abandoned parks and culturally and historically significant places mostly hidden and not known to a first time traveller in Japan, the country has unique travel destinations to offer with hidden wonders that you should visit. Here are the top 5 unique places in Japan that comes highly recommended for tourists to visit.

1. The Cat Island The island of Tashirojima has more cat inhabitants than people. The Japanese believe that cats represent luck which doubles your good fortune when you take good care of them. In this island, you will find cats dominating over the human population and they are treated like Kings and not considered merely as pets. There are more felines living in the island than people which population reduced from 1,000 to 100 in the last 50 years. Dogs are not allowed in the island and the people living there are very protective of the cats. Being viewed as good fortune, cats are indeed bringing a healthy tourism in the island as one of the unique places to visit in Japan. Reaching the island is easy and made more convenient if you can arrange your tour.

2. G-Cans The G-Cans is a massive underground water storage area that is considered to be the largest drain the world. The Japanese government, in an effort to protect the metropolitan area from flood during monsoon season, constructed the underground waterway in 1992. The same was a 2 billion dollar project that was finally operative in 2009. There are 213 ft tall silos, 580 ft long and 83 ft tall pillared main tanks at the Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel (the G-Can Project) called as the Underground Temple. You will be awed seeing the world’s largest drain that can pump more than 200 tons of water per second here.

3. Chinoike Jigoku – the Bloody Hell Pond Japan fosters unique hot springs that are located in Beppu City. Each of the springs in the city is unique in that they have distinct compositions than the regular hot springs that you usually see. The most striking of all these springs is the Chinoike Jigoku because of its unique appearance and composition. It is called as the Bloody Hell Pond because it is steaming at 78 degrees Celcius. The pond’s outrageous temperature is not suited for a spa treatment and it can cook food with its temperature. The pool of water is reddish in color because it is rich iron oxide. Its name is also ascribed for its historical background where it is known to be the place where people were tortured and boiled to death. Beauty creams are sold in the place for tourists that are made out of the mud from the pond. You can book your itinerary at voyage japon to arrange a tour guide to see this very unique and amazing red hot spring in Japan.

4. Zauo The Zauo is regarded as a unique seafood restaurant in Japan. It is not merely showing off its aquarium with fishes inside but guests can actually fish their food from the aquarium to eat. Fishing rods and baits are provided to each guest the moment they enter the restaurant to catch their own food for dining. It can be a unique experience to be sitting on a giant boat amidst an impressive aquarium of fish. From red snapper, sharks and mackerel, fishing out their food can be a unique experience for every traveller in Japan. You can choose how the fish you caught may be cooked from boiled, fried, steamed or grilled.

5. Kabukicho Robot Restaurant This is a place where you can find cabaret show girls on Android serving the guests. Located at the Kabukicho in Tokyo, this unique robot restaurant is an eye catching tourist destination worth visiting. The robot girls here have their own techno-cabaret and are highly patronized by the manga-obsessed male Otakus. As you visit the diner, you will be entertained by the pirouetting large breasted robotic females dancing choreographed steps. The robotic entertainers are modelled from video game characters with rolling eyes on synthetic sockets. They will entertain guests on a three hour show.