Top 7 Fascinating Indian Cities

India is one such place which is different on each step, it houses people from different religion, caste and belief and that is the prominent reason which makes this country rich in culture and diversity. This country has ample options which will surely increase your love for travelling. Visit the fascinating cities of India which are beautiful, unique and diverse in its own way.

The Sacred City - Varanasi

Varanasi is situated on the western bank of Ganges. This city is one such place which attracts loads of pilgrims because of its large number of Ghats, temples and religious importance this city holds according to Hindu Mythology. People visit this city and take the holy bath in River Ganges and wash away all of their sins in the sacred water. This city is religiously very important in Hindu universe.

The Pink City - Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the spectacular cities in India and this city is also associated with rich history and houses lots of forts to fascinate the travelers. The city is named as pink city because the color of the stone used for construction of its structures is pink and this pink stone is used in several magnificent forts as well. This city welcomes numerous visitors every year.

Explore the Significance of French Rule - Pondicherry

This gorgeous city was earlier rule by the French and one can here still observe the significance of French rule in the culture, in some of the architectural landmarks and in the cuisine as well. Travelers can here witness that the road signs are in French, Tamil, and in English. Tourists can here enjoy the lip smacking cuisines which still have the French influence. It is an enticing destination to enjoy and to have fun on the beach side.

Visit the City of Glittering Royal Heritage – Mysore

Mysore is also known as the city of palaces and this always embraces the old while not forgetting about the current trends. One of the major tourists attraction is Mysore Palace which is visited by numerous tourist whoever opt for Mysore tour, while planning Mysore tour do not forget to check out if your itinerary include a visit to Rajendra Vilas, Lalitha Mahal and Vilas Mansion.

Majestic Getaway in Himalayas – Shimla

Shimla is one of the much loved hill resort and is always buzzed with lot of travelers. The outstandingly stunning views of Himalayan Mountain and abundant natural bliss make this destination a perfect hill station for spending summers. Visiting this hill station will surely give you lot of unforgettable memories.

Home of the Golden Beauty – Amritsar

This city is world famous as it houses the stunning Golden Temple and there are other hot spots in the city which makes this city a popular tourist center.  Some of the major tourist attractions of Amritsar are Jallianwala Bagh, Ram Tirth and Summer Palace of Maharaja Ranjit Singh etc. Explore the charm and serenity of this city and have fun.

Getaway in the City of Backwaters – Kochi

Kochi is one of the major port cities and this city is known for its scenic landscape and backwaters. This is one of the amazing cities in Kerala and this city is also famous for its delicious cuisine which tourists love to eat on Kochi tour.