Top 5 Unique Places in Japan to Visit

If you are looking for unique places to visit, Japan has a lot of hidden unique and unusual places that you can go for a visit. To some travellers, the land of the rising sun is an explorer’s dream. With a number of abandoned parks and culturally and historically significant places mostly hidden and not known to a first time traveller in Japan, the country has unique travel destinations to offer with hidden wonders that you should visit. Here are the top 5 unique places in Japan that comes highly recommended for tourists to visit.

Guide for Rajasthan travel

Chennai is a beautiful city of South India, it situated on Coromandel Coast of Bay of Bengal. In the earlier time, it was famous as “Madras”. It is just a major center of art, music and dance in India. It is well famous for the magnificent Hindu temples and for conventional dance shows. The most of South Indian tours begin from this metropolitan city of India. Numbers of native and foreign travelers come to this city to explore its beauty. Among the major tourist attractions of Chennai, the following are most famous.

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A Trip in the Dark

Monday was a holiday so I didn’t leave to go home until 4pm.  By the time I made it across town, found the saung tao and rode to Mae Tang it was dark.  My cell phone also died, so I got off at the 7-11 where I knew there was a pay phone.  However my phone card doesn’t have any minutes.  Interesting, it had 97 last time I checked.  Luckily I had some change, but no one answered so the phone ate the change. 

Feeling Better

October 16, 2006

Well we didn't have the Monday meeting so no structure yet, but I am having fun working in the Montessori class.  I have even considered getting certified and teaching Montessori.  It is a really cool method that is really student centered.